Today's poem is "O Wyoming!"
from Snow Farmer

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Four poems
" Strings of Math and Custom"

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"In Gantcher's poems, words appear scrubbed of age and habit and exhaustion, as if they had only just been invented. Twisted together in unexpected ways, funny but not just funny, both caustic and beautiful, they wake you up and remind you how pleasurable it is to pay attention."
—Larissa MacFarquhar

"I paused at the crest of the rise…/ in time to see… / the trails in the tall grasses spelling thirst," Benjamin Gantcher writes in Snow Farmer and these are thirsty poems: thirsty for the world, hungry for knowledge, for experience, for love; poems full of the wild beating of an 'insatiable heart [which] would break and spill and eat its chewed-up meat again.' Thoughtful, questioning, proclamatory, clever, ruthless, tender and meditative-this is a highly-assured debut whose poems come together to form, as Gantcher says elsewhere of others, 'an essential constellation.'"
—Kate Angus

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