Today's poem is by Jodie Hollander

My Mother's Will Emailed in PDF

This is the order in which she loved:

First, her son,
who sat by her bed, ate 'til he got
fat cheeks, had to wear
extra-large jeans.

Mother left him
her `cellos, her father's violins,
the horse-hair bows,
the Steinway piano.

Next, her eldest daughter,
who cried and kneaded
a urine-stained blanket,
stroked the Siamese cat.

Mother left her
the big brass bed, the oriental rugs,
the golden silk curtains,
the trinkets from China.

And whatever was left
could be divided amongst
her three children, and the neighbors;
Mother didn't care

she was ready to be lifted up
and carried away by strangers.

Copyright © 2014 Jodie Hollander All rights reserved
from The Humane Society
the tall-lighthouse
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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