Today's poem is by Dave Harrity

Your Days are Waiting

There's certainty made in the calm of a river—a way
steady like the leaves that paper-boat the surface of water.
Even a clamor of hooves throbbing in purple morning light
narrows us—a waking in every wilderness.

But even these things fall asleep inside the, mind
and slip away by night.

How will you remember what it's like to stare
into the constant moon? To watch the jet stream's hand
push clouds through dark and stars like nestled ships on the ocean?

Your days are waiting to be left behind.
So now, before sleep makes a single forgetting,
etch in yourself
this moon,
this leaf,
this star.

Copyright © 2016 Dave Harrity All rights reserved
from These Intricacies
Cascade Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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