Today's poem is "Your Days are Waiting"
from These Intricacies

Cascade Books

Dave Harrity travels the United States teaching workshops on contemplative living, imagination and poetry. His work has appeared in Memorious, Revolver, Killing the Buddha, The Los Angeles Review, Confrontation, Softblow and elsewhere. He is the author of the poetry craft and spirituality manual Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at Hand (2013) and two books of poetry, These Intricacies (Cascade Books, 2015) and Our Father in the Year of the Wolf (Word Farm, 2016). An assistant professor of English at Campbellsville University, and a recipient of the William Alexander II and Lisa Percy Fellowship at the Rivendell Writers' Colony, he lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife and children.

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About These Intricacies:

"This collection of elemental Kentucky poems will land 'like starlight in your throat.' You will want to sing Dave Harrity aloud to find that 'words have wombs,' that what he calls the dusk in our bodies, our 'cairns of guilt,' still birth and mark dim paths of light. These Intricacies will clear a way into your own and leave you grateful for each twist."
—Paul Willis

"Harrity invites us into the poems, but also into thought, quiet, and a contemplative solitude rare in our century. Here is a poet attentive to the worlds beyond and within us."
—Lynn Domina

"Intricate only begins to describe the delicate, strong, interlaced qualities of Harrity's poems. . . . Each poem here is a complex weaving of poetic attention . . . into an honest, lamenting, desiring voice that embodies the human necessity 'to turn away the dark, / to call down light from stars.'"
—David Wright

"Harrity metes out his keen sense of our material reality in These Intricacies with an undeniable spirit-eye. . . . I'm punctured by all that's hallowed and harsh in these poems. What's more: I'm thankful."
—Susanna Childress

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