Today's poem is by Nik De Dominic

Your Daily Horoscope

You have a moon in your second house,
Stargazer, and he's a terrible tenant.
Slovenly he doesn't work, watches
Ellen all day, slightly shimmying when she dances,
sits on the porch in the afternoon and leers
at the neighborhood kids on their Huffies in a way
that makes no one comfortable. Cocaine-fueled parties
every night, broken porcelain toilets and tubs.
The moon was moving through some financial problems
when he signed the lease so out of the kindness of your heart
you forewent deposit. You don't even have that recourse.
You've called the county but eviction
is a slow moving process in Star City.

Copyright © 2016 Nik De Dominic All rights reserved
from Your Daily Horoscope
New Michigan Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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