Today's poem is by Laura Bylenok

        warp (v): To project through space. Obsolete.

I have graven you upon
the surface, jigsawn,
sown with moon,
light beyond
your signature, your I
and oh a vertigo
of dashes spilt and split,
unhinging at the lee
of a canoe and there,
in situ, space: its mirror
zero cups its hands
around your face—

an heirloom linking
O and I have pressed
a chain into your palms
and bound you
as a book, a binary,
a proof of light, devout,
unraveling its particle
from moon to lake,
a span as fleeting
as the second
just before a second
thought, a doubt.

Copyright © 2016 Laura Bylenok All rights reserved
from Warp
Truman State University Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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