Today's poem is by Liz Waldner

To You Your Name

It makes me feel better to talk right.
Say "forest" far ust

Between the f and r the moving sound
Of the bough's winter breath.

This 'far' has a fawu in it.
This far's a fawn't.

Fount. Rock of ages. Cleft for—
To lie down with this woo'd

Make me feel best.
However I am far alone among

Bare trees whose branches are
Too far.

When I look in their faces
I see the stars.

Let it be likewise night
When first I say to you your name.

Someday, what already I call Next
Will be in its deep deep rest

The source of all names. For now

I could say THANKSgiving, which is today.
I could say someBODy, and did, another day.

I say you now I haven't yet, I make you
Met by feeling here:

I lie down with your name for my covert.
You hear? Soft rustling. For rest.

Copyright © 2016 Liz Waldner All rights reserved
from Her Faithfulness
Miami University Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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