Today's poem is by J. R. Solonche

The Devil's Villanelle

I hear you want to write a villanelle.
Listen up. Look right here. I'll show you how.
Just follow this form through. (Or go to hell.)

Sit down. Turn on the lamp. Get comfortable.
Get paper out. And pen. All ready? Wow!
Okay. Let's write the perfect villanelle.

You're lacking confidence, I see. Well, well.
My method's guaranteed. Sure fire. Just vow
To follow this form through. (Or go to hell.)

No strings attached. I trade. I never sell.
I'm here to help. No need to start a row.
Scratch here to write the perfect villanelle.

Your soul? Zero. Nada. Zilch. Can't you tell?
Quick. Beads of sweat are breaking on your brow.
Quick. Follow this form through. (Or go to hell.)

Where ya going? Giving up so soon? Swell!@#%&*
Hey, you called me, you know. Don't have a cow!
Then don't. Don't write the perfect villanelle.
Just follow this fork, you, and go to hell.

Copyright © 2015 J. R. Solonche All rights reserved
from Vallum
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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