Today's poem is by Cody Walker

This Is the Neighbor Kid Who Killed the Cat

This is the neighbor kid who killed the cat.
This is your father who thinks like that.
This is your mother who throws up her hands.
This is the algorithm that misunderstands.

This is the jackhammer that hates the rock.
This is the safety at war with the Glock.
This is your lab partner, stockpiling Xanax.
This is your captain—watch as he panics.

This is your nightmare, bright as day.
This is your police scanner. What will it say?
These are your boots to wipe on the mat.
Mark down your casualties. Hang up your hat.

Copyright © 2016 Cody Walker All rights reserved
from The Self-Styled No-Child
The Waywiser Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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