Today's poem is by Michael Robins

Like an Arrow that Feels

Candor shoots a wink, heart & pang
when hapless geese shiver through

the turbine & blades. Didn't know
speech was a gander flunked to hell.

We bade swelling in our chair, eyes
blotto, duplicate Tuesday afternoons

woozy & waged toward zero o'clock.
Our mouths wore an array of croon.

Spring swung like an April in waves
foreseeable, feathered, shoring blue.

We'd forgotten our tools for a party
counting highballs, ice, crooked time

hanging on its skinny nail. Honestly,
we hadn't reckoned planting a war.

Many said I love you, many said too
I'll call you when we land. We were

together omens slipped from a note.
We wish we'd made these stories up.

Copyright © 2016 Michael Robins All rights reserved
from In Memory of Brilliance and Value
Saturnalia Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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