Today's poem is "Like an Arrow that Feels"
from In Memory of Brilliance and Value

Saturnalia Books

Michael Robins is the author of The Next Settlement (UNT Press, 2007), Ladies & Gentlemen (Saturnalia Books, 2011), In Memory of Brilliance & Value (Saturnalia Books, 2015) and two chapbooks: Circus (Flying Guillotine, 2009), and Little Felons (Strange Machine, 2013). Born in Portland, Oregon, he teaches poetry and literature at Columbia College Chicago.

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Books by Michael Robins:

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[you burn smoother than any...]
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About In Memory of Brilliance and Value:

"What an absolute pleasure it is to read Michael Robins' In Memory of Brilliance & Value. His musicality is rarely paralleled, and 'the voice releasing indelible things' sings songs of real experience."
—Noelle Kocot

"...In Memory of Brilliance & Value reveals itself as an erotic testing ground of experience in and of language. Here is an elegy for the clear light in which what matters most is revealed, a light no longer wholly our own; here are poems filled with that wound called nostalgia, longing for experience that had once been whole."
—Dan Beachy-Quick

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