Today's poem is by Jason Zuzga


I unwind some helixes on the beach and slither
beneath the whizzing Frisbees.

I am displaced. I am feeling
new buildings emitting flame or
dome shapes, scalloped towers, jagged
clocks. Cobblestones trip me up and
sometimes a bioluminescent plum throbs by.

I fall into a cloud of bees. They take me apart.
My chips and scraps are sealed in wax and
fed on royal jelly until I puzzle back together
and break the hive open, beclouded
with pollen, pollen on my eyelashes.

The cloud descends before my face.
I see each bee face, each bee eye.
Each eye sees me multiply.

Copyright © 2016 Jason Zuzga All rights reserved
from Heat Wake
Saturnalia Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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