Today's poem is "Argonautica"
from Heat Wake

Saturnalia Books

Jason Zuzga was born in Camden NJ and grew up in the Philadelphia suburb of Cherry Hill, NJ. His work has appeared in numerous journals including Paris Review, Tin House, and The Yale Review. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania, working on a dissertation about nature documentary and media.

Books by Jason Zuzga:

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Three poems
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Jason Zuzga's Website.

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About Heat Wake:

"Charming, witty, and science-y smart, these debut collection poems pop with volleys of youthful and wise acts, tactics, maneuvers, catastrophes, scenes, and did I mention love poems overrunning!"
—Jane Miller

"For the anatomical sensations he observes, in the tenderness of his sentences, in his insatiate curiosity, his experience of surrealism, we might consider Jason Zuzga the Oliver Sacks of poetry. His new book Heat Wake is a miracle of pacing, reflection, action mixed together in scherzo form."
—Kevin Killian

"A less moral Moore, Zuzga understands that the social and the natural relate in ways science alone cannot realize. Unboundaried, unanxious, his queer imagination finds backdoor correspondences that would make even Baudelaire blush."
—Christopher Schmidt

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