Today's poem is "Invention No. 7 in e minor"

from The Carolina Quarterly

Hyejung Kook's poems have appeared in the Beloit Poetry Journal. CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action, Hanging Loose, Memorious, Fugue, and the Denver Quarterly. Other work includes Flight, a chamber opera libretto commissioned by composer Sarana Chou.

Other poems on the web by Hyejung Kook:
"Invention No. 3 in c Minor"
"Invention No. 1 in a minor"

Hyejung Kook's Website.

Hyejung Kook on Twitter.

About The Carolina Quarterly:

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The Carolina Quarterly * CB # 3520, Greenlaw Hall * UNC – CHAPEL HILL * Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-3520
Poetry Editor: Lee Norton

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