Today's poem is "Easterhouse (Wyoming)"

from Copper Nickel

G. C. Waldrep is the author most recently of Testament (BOA Editions, 2015) and a chapbook, Susquehanna (Omnidawn, 2013). He lives in Lewisburg, PA, where he teaches at Bucknell University, edits the journal West Branch, and serves as Editor-at-Large for The Kenyon Review.

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May 17, 2012:   "Revelation in Slow Time" ( with G.C. Waldrep) "Here, where no one is in a hurry..."
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September 4, 2011:   "The Bridge at Rest" ( with John Gallaher) "The bridge is dreaming again...."
November 5, 2009:   "Still Life, with Drawing" "The drawing of a bird draws..."
September 22, 2009:   "The Fear Was in the Northeast" "The fear was in the northeast...."

Books by G.C. Waldrep:

Other poems on the web by G.C. Waldrep:
Three poems
Three poems
"Indian Pipe"
"Amity Hall"
"Steps to Remove Limitations"
"From Which Mortar Cities Rise"
Two poems
"Their Faces Shall Be As Flames"
"III. Palm Beach, Florida, 1987"
Two poems
"Libby Poem"
Two poems
"The Electricity of Your Acupuncture Is Breathing"
Four poems

G. C. Waldrep according to Wikipedia.

About Copper Nickel:

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