Today's poem is by G.C. Waldrep & John Gallaher

The Bridge at Rest

The bridge is dreaming again.

In favor of the present moment,
the bridge is dreaming
or we're dreaming of a bridge.

Cables in great arcs.

This is where I sit
with the convergence. How full
the everything else, where the traffic moves through
certain days,

rows above rows
and circling sky.

The bridge is dreaming of people
in great arcs.

I read it in the newspapers.

One calls it "leaping"
and one calls it "jumping." One calls it "to pour,
and one calls it "to fill,"

And it's two worlds.
The direction called Getting There,
where they waited and waited.

So that now
your body is most things

over the city,
in favor of the present moment.

And what are we going to say then?

Copyright © 2011 G.C. Waldrep & John Gallaher All rights reserved
from Your Father on the Train of Ghost
BOA Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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