Today's poem is "Vane"

from 32 Poems

Dan Albergotti is the author of The Boatloads (BOA Editions, 2008) and Millennial Teeth (Southern Illinois University Press, 2014). He is a professor of English at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina.

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September 11, 2014:   "God" "Somewhere beneath 125th Street there's a small machine..."
November 11, 2013:   "A Theater Near You" "They say the end is coming, coming soon...."
May 7, 2008:   "Turning Back" "We turn back, always bowing to that urge..."
February 15, 2007:   "Surprising the Gods" "Suppose Eurydice had, running through the evening field..."

Books by Dan Albergotti:

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Two poems
"Among the Things He Does Not Deserve"
"Days Spent in One of the Other Worlds"
Two Poems
"Days Spent in One of the Other Worlds"
Twenty-one poems
"December 25, 2005"

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July 9, 2003:  "Sonnet" by Kimberly Johnson

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