Today's poem is by Nicholas Wong

How to Refund Your Identity

Hang out late

Cover up your feelings at night; always pin or put up your hair as high as possible

Reread news that expires in transit

Ribbon your receipt and your self

Spit in the street, a tree, or souring newspapers

Stare at boredom for a corrosive change

Stare at the candlelight or calicobacks in burning fire

Contact manager if your self is on fire. You will be asked to sign in

Think about the Imperfection of circles

Roll your eyes often to practice calisthenics of sight

Feed yellowed cabbage to hamsters and munch like them

Make funny jokes or comments on atoms, marbles, or pores

Tell your lover that he is confusing like an ATM operated in a foreign language

Pick up history, sprockets, or aversion found on the street

Be nice to all ATMs

Take a sip of bitumen and remember the taste of paved bruises

Shave an anthem in a pond full ofbutt-upheaving ducks

Leave your bleeding wounds in open air

Listen to the nudity of notes

Find ways to get smaller

Copyright © 2015 Nicholas Wong All rights reserved
from Crevasse
Kaya Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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