Today's poem is by Kevin Higgins


The day you say you believe in
        the stock market, Jes us
or certain victory for
        Manchester United,
another day awaits, uncircled
        on any calendar. You'll

have just made it back to the island
        of everything
is going to be alright, be busy
        laughing at the universe
through your gleaming new teeth,
        when woken wide to the fact
the cat hasn't come home, or
        the roses you planted
have mysteriously

        died. Staring into
the big fat crack down your life,
        you'll lock your cares
in a soundproof room
        so no one can hear

the screams. Talk to me
        then, when — miles
from anywhere
        you thought you'd be —
you've mislaid your car, your passport
        your mind
and tell me what you know.

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Higgins All rights reserved
from The Ghost in the Lobby
Salmon Poetry
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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