Today's poem is by Alexis Pope

Grandeur in a mug of wine

day opens wide
mouthed this
funny shape of mine
a sadness lifting
between us not quite
a sunset though
window i wanted
open but closed

colors fade through
their beginnings & endings
muddled here my uneven toes
bend over the fire escape
in a way that asks

i think the idea of freedom
arrives in falling
& then the freedom ends

i want everything
to be mine to unlock
the hole
or let you

faded smile my face
feels stinging there left
see the shining
how it hangs
in the air & my body
the usual echoes
born to hum

to feel more
enough to rush
over body
tire & flame reminds
me to shower
nothing really ends
when i want

car alarm sounding
below my window
die-cut of my ache
you can't amputate
far enough from the bed
we share i can't help

you even though
especially because
i can't help myself
rain against my face
i feel without stepping
forward i want to feel
you against my all
there the time it stands
for much

how & hopeful
heart my downfall
whirlpulling in this pit
feels it now
please without

my skin can take
firm press
something clinical
less than you
need & i cut
& sew & cut
& sew

nothing fits
over my body
in this condition
call it that
how i feel
i feel i feel

Copyright © 2015 Alexis Pope All rights reserved
from Third Coast
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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