Today's poem is by Karen Craigo

Escaped Housewife Gives Three Good Reasons for Taking Up the Bagpipes


On occasion she has cried
herself out-out of breath,
out of salt, her head hot and humming,
she has heard her voice wane
before she has said all
she had to say.


This instrument holds screams
like a camel.
With the bag tucked
in the V of arm to body,
she can howl through her sleep
and rise ready
to start again.


One voice isn't enough.
She likes how each pipe's
stiff tentacle makes its own
reedy hiss to release her heart's
ugly harmonies, to deflate
the leather sack
she lives in.

Copyright © 2015 Karen Craigo All rights reserved
from Cutbank
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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