Today's poem is by Jenny Drai

[ body, defeat, chiaroscuro, memory ]

I know that you stained me

I come up for air from a wide sea of varnish

I'm not this pageant         :         brush

        cleansed with turpentine

Awfully red, your singular corpuscle

We should drink tea, eat cookies, act normal

Natal silences, what shall we do?

[ Or, why I didn't forgive, didn't want to, definitely wouldn't]

Dove-gray in the shadows, lead-gray

Expressions for this [ cutting apron strings, etcetera ]

And then I scrub free the soot, grime, bruise

We should bake bread with pesto: drag slices

:         oil, balsamic         :

Also, shadows come with reputations         :         if you

        have blue eyes, the shadow has blue eyes

I invent siblings to protect me

But they ransack the attic

Copyright © 2015 Jenny Drai All rights reserved
from [ the door ]
Trembling Pillow Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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