Today's poem is "[ body, defeat, chiaroscuro, memory ]"
from [ the door ]

Trembling Pillow Press

Jenny Drai's poetry has appeared in American Letters and Commentary, Denver Quarterly, Handsome, Jellyfish, and New American Writing, among many other journals. She is the author of Letters to Quince (winner of the Deerbird Novella Prize from Artistically Declined Press) and two poetry chapbooks—The New Sorrow Is Less Than the Old Sorrow (Black Lawrence Press) and :Body Wolf: (Horse Less Press). [ the door ] is her first full-length collection of poetry. Two additional collections are forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press. In addition, a novel she wrote was a finalist in the Subito Press Prose Prize. She has worked every odd job imaginable and lived all over the place in the United States and Germany. She currently resides in Bonn, Germany, where she is at work on another novel.

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About [ the door ]:

"Open [ the door ] to stanzas of dream and enchantment, to chambers of magnetic fields, to the mezzanine of spellbinding diction, to the balcony of this passion play."
—Norma Cole

"Jenny Drai's [ the door ], like a medieval tapestry, is vivid with color, suggests scene and story, and yet—with the tensile elasticity of textile—warps and shifts the reader's attention in startling ways. As Drai writes, 'again, again, I discover a new route.' This book weaves word and idea, transforming the fabric of language into the skin of the poem."
—Elizabeth Robinson

"Buzzing with unexpected turns and junctures, Drai's athletically agile language excavates fissures in our intricate collective hive, a 'bed of uncertainty and universe' where new openings are threaded. subterranean searcher, "
—Endi Bogue Hartigan

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