Today's poem is by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Advice from the Robot Scientist's Daughter

After all, the moon has fallen asleep and you are alone.
Try to see with my vision: the breaking of membrane,
the fragile fruit withering, embryos curling within eggs.
Living beings so friable, so prone to overgrowth
and imbalance. Organic and inorganic: inside the rose petal,
a blue skeleton. Remember, after all, that we can incinerate
or incubate; that your atoms right now are smashing against
the atoms of your chair. What is keeping you together?
The pull of the moon, the arms of a lover, the gravity
of cherry to cherry stone. Keep from being broken apart.
Keep things from being broken apart. Gather together:
thyroid, womb, heart. Build a nest. How can we avoid
the rays that, right now, seek to destroy at a molecular level? Now
I understand the sea, the great embrace, water and light moving in
a wave formation. Keeping it all together.

Copyright © 2015 Jeannine Hall Gailey All rights reserved
from The Robot Scientist's Daughter
Mayapple Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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