Today's poem is "Dürer in the Valley of Oleanders"

from West Branch

Kyle McCordis the author of five books of poetry including You Are Indeed an Elk, But This is Not the Forest You Vlkre Born to Graze (Gold Wake, 2015) and Gentle, World, Gentler (Ampersand Books, 2015).

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Books by Kyle McCord:

Other poems on the web by Kyle McCord:
"Triptych for Nighthawks"
"Nocturne for Allison with Dancers"
Three poems
Three poems
[When a man loves a woman, they journey]
"Panda Party"
Three poems
"The Ferry Took Me to the Mountain Pass"
"In This Scene, My Copilot and I Crash the Moonbuggy"
Four poems
Three poems
"The Poem is Not the Anatomical Heart"
"[When a man loves a woman, he is asked: Soup or salad]"
"[Perhaps this day marks the end of your kayak internship]"
"They Said You Were to Be a Conquistador"
Two poems
"It Was a Rat That Carried Your Heart to the Sea"
"What's Left"
"Self Seen as Art 5"
Two poems
"To Gracefully Accept One's Station"
Two poems
"Autumn Crocus"
"The Princess, the Boar, the Moon"

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December 14, 2004:  "The Tortoise" by Betsy Sholl
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August 10, 2004:  "Anecdote of the Turkeys" by Wayne Dodd
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February 10, 2004:  "Rorschach on Pond" by Sean Serrell
February 9, 2004:  "Deer" by Sarah Kennedy
June 1, 2003:  "First Thing" by Bill Knott
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January 7, 2003:  "Steadily" by Michelle Boisseau

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