Today's poem is by Jeffrey Morgan

The Mayor's Guide to Reelection

Notice how reflections stutter along a bank of windows,
into and out of the spaces between them
like a choppy reel of film. It is your job to imagine
how a man changes, how he becomes his doppelgangers.
To be local is to halve a distance
an infinite number of times. In the sunlight of early autumn
and among long shadows of old buildings,
reminiscent of deadfalls, you can hear
several versions of a myth about perseverance.
Every time you forget someone's name, a child falls in a field.
No one can teach you how to move towards another
to embrace before leaving, or how to get so close
without touching. No one remembers
who found the first child in a field and carried her home.

Copyright © 2014 Jeffrey Morgan All rights reserved
from West Branch
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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