Today's poem is "Suddenly a Wayward to Thinking Words"

from Cutbank

Jake Syersak is an MFA Candidate in Poetry at the University of Arizona. His poems have most recently appeared or are forthcoming in Phoebe, Ninth Letter, H_ngm_n, and Hot Metal Bridge. He is the author of the chapbook Notes to Wed No Toward from Plan B Press. He edits Sonora Review and Cloud Rodeo.

Other poems on the web by Jake Syersak:
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"So Scissors So Words So Swords"
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"Octave (5)"
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"Or What’s a Fore For?"
"A Leaving Of"
"The Sunflower’s Err"
Two poems

About Cutbank:

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Cutbank * College of Liberal Arts * 8600 University Boulevard * Evansville, Indiana 47712
Poetry Editors Lauren de Paepe * Kate Di Nitto * Khaty Xiong
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