Today's poem is by Judson Evans

        "We die because we cannot connect the end
        to the beginning."( Alcmaeon of Croton)

We die because our intentions can't touch
their toes, because we can't zip our
freezer bag from
the inside or heal ends
of the power strip, because we lose
the splice of Scotch Tape and invisibility
sticks to doors, because wicks won't
pollinate and we can't laugh
in the past tense, because we were built
to roll like hubcaps not ascend
like suits at the dry cleaner, because of predictions
in folds, annotations and serving
suggestions, because of the wrong
buoyancies and the right delinquencies. Catch one
thread, snaggle one tooth
of the zipper, loosen the spring at one end
of the toilet paper roller, leave one cancelled train
ticket or condom
in an old wallet, patch tar or wet
cement in the crawlspace you want to be dreamed
back, it's too late, too many
turns, too many tries, your password
can't be recognized, the tip's
added in, nothing
is left open.

Copyright © 2014 Judson Evans All rights reserved
from Salt Hill
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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