Today's poem is "Telomere"

from Salt Hill

Judson Evans is the Director of Liberal Arts at The Boston Conservatory. He teaches courses on utopian societies, ancient Greek culture, and haiku and related Japanese poetic forms. He has been involved in a wide range of collaborative experiments with composers, choreographers, dancers, and other poets. He has published poems most recently in Volt, 1913: a journal of forms, Amethyst Arsenic, and Epoch. He is a member of Off the Park Press Writers' Collective and has poems in three of the press's recent anthologies of poetry responding to contemporary painters (New Smoke: An Anthology of Poetry Inspired by Neo Rauch [2009], Viva La Derence: Poems in Response to Peter Saul [2010], The Triumph of Poverty: Poems Inspired by Nicole Eisenman [due out in winter 2012/13]) and was chosen as an emerging poet for The Association of American Poets in 2007 by John Yau.

Other poems on the web by Judson Evans:
"Codex Atlanticus"
Four poems

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