Today's poem is by Janet McCann

Sleeping Women in Movies

She is sprawled arms akimbo
Yawns and stretches luxuriously
In black and white, tosses a satin pillow
Or she is curled on a lush divan
Shrugs off the cat
Reaches for her cell phone playing Bach
Or she wakens to a bird call, a slant of light
Rubs from her eyes the shreds of dream
Pads to the kitchen in her bunny slippers

Ah, to enact sleep,
Its accouterments,
Its ebbing tide
Your tresses spread over the bed's edge—

To fall asleep to, and to wake to, fiction—

Copyright © 2014 Janet McCann All rights reserved
from The Crone at the Casino
Lamar University Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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