Today's poem is by Sarah White


If I would marry him,
he promised,
we'd travel to Knossos
I thought—

palace acrobats,
King Minos,
his hot queen serviced
by a bull, their monster-
child nursed in a labyrinth.
I thought—

ingenious Daedalus,
his drowned son
seasoning an ocean.
I thought—

from Minos and the Queen
came Phaedra
who loved frigid,
virtuous Hippolytus.

designed a maze—a court,
my Crete, my lust,

so I said Yes,
became his spouse,
soon loosed him

and never went to Knossos.

Copyright © 2014 Sarah White All rights reserved
from The Unknowing Muse
Dos Madres
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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