Today's poem is "Knossos"
from The Unknowing Muse

Dos Madres

Sarah White studied French and Italian at Harvard and the University of Michigan, specializing in medieval Language and Literature. Before her retirement she was a Professor of French at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. She now lives in New York, writing and painting

Books by Sarah White:

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"I Meet You Still Though Never"
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Two poems

Sarah White's Website.

About The Unknowing Muse:

"Sarah White is all that a good poet should be- smart, funny, daring. She redefines the familiar, giving new aspects to themes as commonplace as love and motherhood, standing beside her son in a courthouse, or advising her children that, as a poet, she has other work to do. Following her, we end up in unexpected places, in the graveyard where Baudelaire is buried, or in Purgatory itself, .... an island in the Southern Sea, where sin can be handled, deftly. You go with her through poems that assume their own heft and place on the page- 'I can step next door/to see Vesuvian flames/and hear the roar', confident she’ll not leave you stranded, even as she quips, 'I tip to one side when I walk'."
—Mervyn Taylor

"We can tell, from these lines and the ones in between, how much our poet loves language, over and beside all other loves in her life; and we can tell that—sh..!—she’s having an affair with Occitan. Somehow I find it entirely justified, for just as those modern Occitan poets are avatars of the medieval troubadours and their amor de lonh, Sarah White is a paradigm of the modern trobairitz."
—Ricardo Nirenberg

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