Today's poem is by Sidney Wade


The music
of the sleepy

day was

dull until
Michael reeled

up a geep
from the depths

of his considerable

a geep!
a wonky blend

of goat and sheep
a medical medley

genetic fugue
they call chimera

another wholly
enthralling sound

we found
when googling geep

whose enharmonic
bleating in the end

rings oh so
sad the photo

on the screen
reveals a downcast

baby creature
neither here

nor there
two bold

and mordant
sets of chromosomes

whistling fortissimo
through its patch-work

hide a botched-up
map of silken hair

and wooly yellow
fur its forlorn

droopy ears
a study

in radical

I feel profoundly
sorry for this

border folly
this lonely little

of the ever-

expanding notion
of what's possible

but then I see
we're kin

the little geep and me
we're marginal

intoning low

invisible messages
at the edges

of the known
to who knows

the difference

between us
a matter of degree

the poet of course
a hybrid creature

of transport and remorse
an over-reacher

in semaphore
who knows that sound's

the gold in the ore
whose pleasure-ground

is linguistic welter
who rides like ice

on its own melting
to paradise

or to a stranger land
we don't yet understand

Copyright © 2013 Sidney Wade All rights reserved
from Straits & Narrows
Persea Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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