Today's poem is "Geep"
from Straits & Narrows

Persea Books

Sidney Wade is the author of five previous poetry collections, most recently Stroke (Persea, 2008). Her poems and translations appear in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Poetry, and elsewhere. She lives in Gainesville, where she is Professor of English at the University of Florida, and in the Rangeley Lakes region of Maine.

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Books by Sidney Wade:

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"Burrowing Owl"
"Killdeer Bathing"
"Birding at the Dairy"
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Sidney Wade's website.

Sidney Wade according to Wikipedia.

About Straits & Narrows:

"Alex Dimitrov's passionate, headlong poems seem to want to carve beneath the surface of gestures, beneath the skin, to the warm and dangerous blood beneath—until sex, and the poem itself, are ‘a nerve brightly turning in a closed room of the mind—.’...Begging for It is a fierce and memorable debut."
—Mark Doty

"Begging for It ... provides evidence not only that poetry has survived into the 21st century, but has mutated, as poetry must. It is poetry that could only have been written now…Dimitrov is that rarest of creatures, a true poet and a truly contemporary poet. Thank god he’s here."
—Michael Cunningham

"Alex Dimitrov is a new poetry star, and his debut book’s a heartbreaker...Dimitrov plays hard with the big boys (Barthes, Wilde, Fitzgerald, Father, Mother, Lover and Other) and he lobs fast and fervent, winning even though this game isn’t a game. It is life. The poet is generous with that victory. Truth-telling, raw, fierce with feeling—he is indeed victorious, and so are his star-struck readers."
—Brenda Shaughnessy

"...The poems are savage and ferocious in their insistence that the fate of the soul, that ultimate perspectives dog our every step. They are perfectly earnest, skeptical about earnestness and about being skeptical: ‘We were given more than we can drown.’ They are sophisticated about everything that has happened in poetry, and extend it. I loved this book."
—Frank Bidart

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