Today's poem is by Moira Egan

Bright Stars

And yet, 0 Morning Star, look what you've done.

Of late I've been obsessing (tendencies?
you know, the Plathy and poetic ones?)
so you bust out this pre-dawn pageantry
including, though not limited to, two
extremely gleaming planets (Venus & Mars
just for tonight inveigled into truce?)
the moon a perfect curlicue of butter —

a scene to lull even the most sleepless
(at least a while) - to be wakened by the boom
of sunrise synaesthesia, whose luscious
colors, tisane, grapefruit, infuse the room
so fully I forget the walls are white
and why I lay there worrying all night.

Copyright © 2013 Moira Egan All rights reserved
from Hot Flash Sonnets
Passager Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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