Today's poem is "Bright Stars"
from Hot Flash Sonnets

Passager Books

Moira Egan is a widely-published and award-winning poet, she has also co-translated (with her husband, Damiano Abeni) nearly a dozen volumes into Italian. She lives in Rome, and teaches literature and creative writing.

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Books by Moira Egan:

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Moira Egan's Website.

About Hot Flash Sonnets:

"Impassioned sonnet virtuoso Moira Egan makes a magnificent obsession of the passing of menses in Hot Flash Sonnets. Lusty candor is here galore ... but it's the skill of this poet that dazzles, for she turns her stunning sequence into a vast landscape, contouring matters of beauty and aging in divinely controlled lines."
—Molly Peacock

"Adept to the edge of mystery, which more than seldom laps at their edges ... Hot Flash Sonnets raises the stakes of light verse beyond wit to encompass willfulness, wordplay, and womanly wisdom."
—Annie Finch

"A virtuoso number, witty, pithy, tragI-comic... These sonnets remind me, not surprisingly, of John Berryman, but with less self-indulgence."
—Marilyn Hacker

"As her title promises, Moira Egan tilts the sonnet to a new angle here as she explores the decline and ultimate vanishing of the female body. Her unabashed admissions, balanced by the sonnet's strictures and the wit of her endings, extend to the reader the double pleasure of craft and disclosure."
—Billy Collins

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