Today's poem is by Matthew Thorburn

There's this string

I follow I don't know
what else I can
do sometimes
yanking it hand
over hand some-
times just inching
along looping it
up lassoing
it around my left
elbow I ease it
out a centi-
meter or millimeter
at a time I tease it
loose something's
raveling or
as the days
tick by and
the nights roll
on and my beard
fills in and my
hair thins out as
this string puddles
up piles around
my feet its rivery
trail running behind
me like a single
endless skinny
footprint like
a sign like a
clue a story a
song oh where,
does it come from
oh where are we
going this
string and I
I think I
could do
this forever

Copyright © 2012 Matthew Thorburn All rights reserved
from Cave Wall
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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