Today's poem is by Krystal Languell


I grind my teeth enough that they're getting shorter.

Singsong litany of friction malfunctions: teeth to jaw to neck & shoulders.

Your tragicomic gluten sensitivity is what graduate school was good for.

Social means celebration means looking happy. Great but not special.

I'd say the same thing about anyone who wasn't myself.

The embarrassment of riches is leverage, counterweight to upper-upper body.

You can bite through your pinky finger as easily as a baby carrot.

Women-workers are making do without an ergonomic chair to squat in.

Lockjaw as adjective, as in "your lockjaw pedagogy" or "lockjaw stag trippant."

It's constructive criticism to point out that probiotics and antibiotics should cancel out.

Let's see your big reveal, your ultrasound image or divorce party invitation.

Did you have an a-ha moment? I want to announce that I don't care.

You forget to congratulate me. I forget to send a donation in lieu of gifts.

Copyright © 2012 Krystal Languell All rights reserved
from Barn Owl Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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