Today's poem is by Jeffrey Greene

Your Lingual Heart

Friday night at the ER,
wires taped to your greased chest.
Is it the labial dental constrictive
of a leaky valve like veuve,
the French for widow,
or the flip flop
triple tonguing of CVPs?
Maybe the worse of two murmurs,
one that sounds like Kentucky
and the other Tennessee?
Whatever it is you promise
to change your life.
You wait on your
stainless steel bed
like being forgotten,
your heart comforts itself
like a child,
Tennessee, Tennessee....
You focus on an image
of the sea to slow the waves
when they break, to pace
your own frantic heart.

Copyright © 2011 Jeffrey Greene All rights reserved
from Beautiful Monsters
Dream Horse Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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