Today's poem is "Your Lingual Heart"
from Beautiful Monsters

Dream Horse Press

Jeffrey Greene is the author of three poetry collections and a chapbook. His memoir, French Spirits, has appeared in eight countries and he has written two personalized nature books. His work has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, and Humanities Texas. He has received the Samuel French Morse Prize, the Randall Jarrell Award, and the "Discovery"/ The Nation Award. His poetry has appeared in the New Yorker, Poetry, The Nation, Ploughshares, and many other publications. A graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop (M.F.A.) and the University of Houston (Ph.D.), he has taught at the University of New Haven, the Goddard M.F.A. program, and most recently the American University of Paris.

Books by Jeffrey Greene:

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About Beautiful Monsters:

"Just as he's fused both beauty and beast in the rousing title poem, Jeffrey Greene finds a rich vein of integrity in his quest to reconcile our human and animal natures. There's an apt and spirited sense of justice in his lyrical championing of vilified boars, hogs, and wolves. Beautiful Monsters is a trenchant, compassionate, blessedly sane volume in which Greene blends lively animal odes, everyday Americana, pertinent Greek myths, and meditations on mortality and time's sweep, with a seamless, forthright grace."
—Cyrus Cassells

"Beautiful Monsters is Jeffrey Greene's newest and best book of poems. His voice is wise and appealing and individual. At ease in personal experience or historical circumstance, he finds his subjects in both the kingdom of animals and the creations of man. Here are wolves, moles, and wild boar, derelict cities and damaged citizens, "small acts of human decency to mythic figures at the end/of their journeys," and a crew of figures that includes Walt Whitman, Robinson Jeffers, and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. There is music here and a rightness of craft. What a fine book! What superb poems!"
—Stuart Dischell

"Beautiful Monsters reminds us how closely allied all seeming oppositions—of place, temperament, time, and feeling—actually are. It is a book filled with quiet wonders."
—Willard Speigelman

"With this new book, Jeffrey Greene has become a type of endangered species: a thoroughly mature poet who, with high artistry and deftness of hand, brings us face to face with the shadows and light of life's unconquered mysteries."
—Ellen Hinsey

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