Today's poem is by Dan Beachy-Quick

Tomb Figurine

Retrograde mind: Beehive: Yesterday's drone
repeats the vibrating stem into flower-dull
field, buzzing near blindness, the live-feed
grown grainy, grown gray, as the transmission fades
on the screen: A day, the pollen-weight
of pistil on leg, now weightless shadow
in the mind, the mind's sterile heat, a bubble
lodged in the matter, electric hollow
where lays my claim: This amber resonance,
this field a frequency lost in abstract
reason, in truth, in hope cast to further degree,
a clover absence, a lover missing the sea,
the torn-in-half field cut by economy,
hemispheres, hives, a road on the synapse.

Copyright © 2011 Dan Beachy-Quick All rights reserved
from Circle's Apprentice
Tupelo Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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