Today's poem is "Tomb Figurine"
from Circle's Apprentice

Tupelo Press

Dan Beachy-Quick grew up in Colorado and upstate New York, and now teaches writing and literature at Colorado State University. He is author of four previous books of poems, North True South Bright (Alice James, 2003), Spell (Ahsahta, 2004), Mulberry (Tupelo, 2006), and This Nest, Swift Passerine (Tupelo, 2008); two chapbooks Mobius Crowns (with Srikanth Reddy: P-Queue, 2008) and Apology for the Book of Creatures (Ahsahta, 2008); and a hybrid-prose companion to Melville’s Moby-Dick, A Whaler’s Dictionary (Milkweed, 2008).

Books by Dan Beachy-Quick:

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Dan Beachy-Quick according to Wikipedia.

About Circle's Apprentice:

"Dan Beachy-Quick's splendid new collection reveals the echoes between the measure of verse and the measure of time. If it is true, as Thoreau suggests, that the poem of creation is ongoing, this ambitious and prolific poet shows us that learning to listen for that music of daily life involves a lifetime. Circle's Apprentice vividly reminds us that all our human life may be marked by ritual but is returned to us through song. 'The minute gears mutely whir. / To put your ear / against it is to put your ear inside it.'"
—Susan Howe

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