Today's poem is by Laura Newbern

Love and the Eye

There you are: a sudden head
in a lake, at evening, when no one
should be in a lake, when the light is becoming
a weaving of gray
and darker gray. And on the shore, something's

perceptible, barely;
could be a small, possibly hunched-over
thing with a beating
heart; then, maybe,
a rock; then, slowly, faintly,

trousers: a pair
of trousers; the heart, my heart
slowing down to the old round
rhythm of recognition; the lake
now brightening under the brightening

moon, so that your head
in the water becomes
black and dear as a loon's cap; so that
the poor, faithful eye
works itself to a tear, following.

Copyright © 2011 Laura Newbern All rights reserved
from Love and the Eye
Kore Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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