Today's poem is "Love and the Eye"
from Love and the Eye

Kore Press

Laura Newbern comes from two long lines of Arkansans, was born in Germany, and grew up in Washington, D.C. She holds degrees from Barnard College, New York University, and the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. An Associate Professor of English at Georgia College & State University, Newbern serves as the Poetry Editor of Arts & Letters. She is a recpient of a 2010 Writer's Award from The Rona Jaffe Foundation.

Books by Laura Newbern:

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Laura Newbern's Website.

About Love and the Eye:

"In Love and the Eye there is no world, only images of a world holding so fast to us we are more nature than human, more landscape than flesh. The gaze gets lost in “a cloud coming,” a stick becomes a leg. There is a delicate elegance in the shifting gaze of these poems. One leans into the beauty of this collection because of all the ways it does not settle down, because of all the ways it insists on seeing."
—Claudia Rankine

"Laura Newbern's Love and the Eye is both playful and grave, wry and intimate. It is self-deprecating and yet in its way it makes a passionate claim on life; it is precise and yet has the sideways movement of dreams. Newbern speaks in a voice completely her own, showing us everything from an angle we hadn't seen. Women and girls, especially—these, Newbern sees with surprising and revelatory clarity. This is a book to be welcomed and cherished."
—Reginald Gibbons

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