Today's poem is by Nick Flynn

Haiku (Failed)

The thin thread that hold us here, tethered / or maybe tied, together,

what / do you call it—telephone? horizon? song? Listen / to yourself

sing, We are all god's children / we are all gods, we walk the earth /

sometimes, two sails inside us sometimes / beating, our bodies the

bottle, a ship inside each / until one day, for no reason, it sails—

hello? / damn phone—until one day it sails / out of sight, until one

day it cuts out of / earshot, bye-bye muttered into your cupped palm,

bye-bye / boat, bye-bye rain—Look / maybe this is the place we've been /

waiting for, maybe this place / is the day, inside us, inside each /

corpuscle, the day, that day, everyday is / inside, my body, your body,

everyday is / this thread, everyday you said, come / get me, everyday

you said, it's been way too long / you said, bye-bye, bye-bye, not a day /

went by, the thin, the thread, so thin, this thread, are you still / here,

is it still, your heart, is it well / well welling?

Copyright © 2011 Nick Flynn All rights reserved
from Jubilat
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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