Today's poem is by J.P. Dancing Bear

Gacela of Twilight Bats
        for Carol Thistlethwaite

The twilight reveals the edges at play in pitch
and echoes. The colonies of bats awaken—
the music of night arriving in a building choir.

The silhouettes of skylines break apart, little
pieces of the land, fluttering skyward, land
becoming night, the dark matter of space.

You hear them calling out hungry, hungry
for the bright insect wings of stars. Each bat
scissors and zigzags the sky into smaller, smaller

pieces. You can hear the tattered twilight
flap and flutter, flags of sky spiraling, falling
beneath the bat night rising.

Come out at this hour, now slowly moving
earlier, earlier against the October days, fascinated
by the chorus of bat wings becoming night.

Copyright © 2011 J.P. Dancing Bear All rights reserved
from Poetry Kanto
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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