Today's poem is by Michael Cirelli


Since the time when
Fishes started to bleed
Their image into rock,
When fire was the hottest
Thing on the market,
We've been fighting.
We called god by 42 names
So we could fight.
We called your grass greener
So we could incinerate you.
We froze ice and made skates
To punch your lights out.
When people have no water
They fight, no food they fight.
When a tank crushes
Your ancient olive trees
There is no other option than
To fight. Two people say
God exactly the same, but disagree
On a lineage, so they blow
Each other up. At the Jersey Shore
The boys are well fed,
And the olive oil is abundant.
They all say God exactly the same.
Say what a view. Say yum.
I don't understand why they
Fight so much. Don't understand
How a fist can land on a girl's
Jaw like an explorer, like a hippo-
Pota-kiss, or how
Ronnie can brawl after a moonlit
Stroll down the boardwalk. I wanna
Scribble myself in pixel and climb
Into the box. Slide a fork
Into one fist, a tablespoon into
The other fist and dangle a plate
Of linguine with clam sauce
In front of their bruised faces.

Copyright © 2011 Michael Cirelli All rights reserved
from Everyone Loves The Situation
Penmanship Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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