Today's poem is by Robin Chapman

Cassandra Looks at Dark Matter Through Hubble's Eye

Winter again, and all that futile calling out
against the specters of lost childhoods, famines,
greed and drought, wars and terror
quiets, as, putting her eye to Hubble s past light,
thoughts of hurling herself over a cliff subside,
replaced by the faint shape of what's been missed:
the unseen mass of the universe that aligns
our fears, brought into focus by gravity's lens.
Beneath each fear its antidote: the pull
of the lovely lumpiness of life.
The beautiful archaic blues of the night sky
lit by stars and moon, the glitter and shine of snow,
the long patience of trees, and on each face
on our path the joy of watching
the fawn sleep, the pine marten play.

Copyright © 2011 Robin Chapman All rights reserved
from theeelmea
Tebot Bach
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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