Today's poem is "Cassandra Looks at Dark Matter Through Hubble's Eye"
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Tebot Bach

Robin Chapman is author of six previous books, including the award-winning, Images of a Complex World: The Art and Poetry of Chaos, The Dreamer who Counted the Dead, and Abundance. She is recipient of Appalachia's 2010 Poetry Prize. Professor Emerita of Communicative Disorders at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she helps co-ordinate the UW Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar.

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About the eelgrass meadow:

"Robin Chapman is both a poet and a scientist and in her new collection, the eelgrass meadow, science and poetry meet and find shared meaning. In these beautiful and moving poems, Chapman's tone glides between elegy and rallying cry, between delight at discovery sorrow at what is to come. This book will inform and transform vision of our shared world."
—Jesse Lee Kercheval

"Robin Chapman brings to her poetry an acute attentiveness to the lives and features of the world around her. Her words are accurate, inform imaginatively arranged, and often filled with passion as they focus on our human conflicts, concerns, and responsibilities toward the earth and our world. Chapman's tones of respect and gratitude for life are each and every poem of the eelgrass meadow."
—Pattiann Rogers

"Another unforgettable collection of poems from Robin Chapman with eye for the riveting detail and an ear for the world's resonant music."
—Ron Wallace

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