Today's poem is "After The Music Went Home"
from You Look Nice Strange Man

ABZ Press

Jaimee Kuperman received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She received a Master of Science in Speech and Language Disorders from Gallaudet University. Her poetry has appeared in many literary magazines, such as Shade Anthology, LIT Magazine, and Patterson Literary Review. She was a visiting writer at Lynchburg College where she taught creative writing and memoir classes. She also has taught creative writing and American Sign Language courses at the University of Massachusetts. She writes poetry and plays. She lives with her husband Jeffrey and her daughter Shoshana in the Washington D.C. area and works as a Speech Language Pathologist.

Books by Jaimee Kuperman:

Other poems on the web by Jaimee Kuperman:
Four poems
"Amherst Massachusetts" About You Look Nice Strange Man:

"In these poems, the personal mingles fluently with the historic, the mundane with the canonized. Myth meets household hint. Violence and sadness argue themselves in and out of luck. Generations remake each other in intensities... The poems of You Look Nice Strange Man are a lucky chance to listen in on the long conversation between what is, what was, what is to come."
—Angela Ball

"Whatever we hope it means to be known, however we find ways to try to know, what Kuperman's poems are doing is saying that always love is involved. These are beautiful poems realized with spirit and serious attention to human ways."
—Dara Wier

"Jaimee Kuperman's poems, both wise and playful, are a pleasure to read. You Look Nice Strange Man is evocative, inventive and surprising."
—Tova Mirvis

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